Today what i did was talking to different people and trying to find out what their personality was. I think what i would be doing is typing 2 paragraphs about what I’m doing on the day that i type. I don’t really know what to type about so I’m just going to talk about what i will be doing in the summer. I¬†will be watching tv and/or playing video games with one of my friends or multiple friends. i might be playing on my computer and not be talking to anyone at all.

Sometimes i think i will be going out and eat with my family and probably go to my cousin’s house and play a game the is most likely boring. I don’t think I will be with anyone of my friends but only online not “in real life” friends. I can’t go out side because my mom doesn’t trust me going to other places and goto friend’s house. I don’t think that i will be sleeping or a long time and i won’t probably eat for about 7-9 hours because i don’t get hungry for a long time.


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