july 14th

Today was a good day because we finished everything and still are working on it. i think that we will kind of win if we just put our hearts in to it. So i think that we will get the judges attention and probably be the audience’s favorite. one the those would be good and … More july 14th

July 7th

i think it was good making a short film because i can manipulate things. There were somethings that was distracting me but in the end i did all of the things that i needed to do and helped other people. i like the time when i was learning how to play the ukulelele and what … More July 7th

Today in tech

Today what i did was that i recorded our shot for our “restaurant” and took videos of us talking about our restaurant and how we came together. i don’t think it would be easy to edit all of these things but i will try my hardest on what i have to do and a lot … More Today in tech

July 5th

Today we had a visitor, I don’t think that i would have known about these long shots, extreme long shots, extreme close-up without someone introducing me to them. The script is going good and we have been brain storming about ideas and make them in to reality. Tomorrow we will practice on our script but … More July 5th